Sentient Foams Limited develop a new patent protected Nitogenisation process to incorporate Super Absorbent Polymer into its unique aliphatic polyurethane foam.

Sentient Foams has taken a further step to being able to offer the most advanced and cost effective wound care product available in the market. By working closely besides Scientist across other businesses in the group,

Sentient has been able to devise a method to incorporate super absorbing polymers (SAP) into a hydrophilic polyurethane foam and to reduce the density of the foam.

Nitrogenisation – a process familiar to the brewing industry – has been adapted and streamlined by Sentient engineers for use with their Aliphatic foams so that the SAP can be added to the foam at the pre-mix phase and retain its absorbent properties. The Nitrogenisation also reduces the density of the foam making more absorbent and cost effective materials.

Rod Davidson, Chairman of the group of companies that includes Sentient, stated that we are delighted to see the positive outcome from the expertise within the group and years of dedicated research and development.

“This technology will allow us to do something unique for the Woundcare market where Sentient will be able to incorporate the softness and conformability of polyurethane foam with the excellent absorbency and retention of super absorbent polymers.”

Sentient is able to ‘lock away’ excess moisture from the wound within the SAP by the incorporation of a non-woven within the dressing construction.

Chaminda Koralalage said that he believes, “Sentient Foams now has a patent protected technology which, in combination with its Dynamic Flow Technology, can offer a step change in the performance and efficacy of dressings to help improve patient care in wound care management.”

Sentient will work with global leading companies to perfect and commercialise this material over the next few months.