Sentient Foams gain 13485:2016 certification – Feb 2018

The team at Sentient Foams is delighted to announce their success in re-certification to the updated quality standard, ISO 13495:2016. The re-certification audit was carried out by Lloyd’s Register, a world leading, independent provider of Quality Assurance certification services.

Jules Nancarrow, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Manager at Sentient Foams said he was ‘delighted with the success of the audit’ adding that ‘the whole team within the business had played a key role in consistently meeting the quality standard required for the Medical device market’. He also said that the 2016 certification ‘was a significant step towards satisfying the quality system requirements of the Medical Device regulatory requirements, both in the EU and across the World’.

As Sentient Foams builds its business with leading companies in the Wound Dressings market, they are committed to upholding the principles and standards for the benefit of their customers.