About Sentient Foams Limited

Sentient Foams is a small yet dynamic business which has been created with a significant investment and the backing of multi-billion pound businesses both in USA and Europe.

The business was set up by Roderick Davidson who has created a number of highly successful innovative businesses with expertise in Medical packaging, Industrial absorbent products and Super absorbent wound dressings.

Experience of success in absorbent products led us to develop and scale up advanced hydrophilic polyurethane and develop a unique and patented process technology.

Located in Hereford, we have built up an advanced development and manufacturing facility with a skilled team of professionals with expertise in product development, regulatory affairs, process control and production.

We’re very proud of our new facility which has been built to our own specification, validated and certified.

We are committed to keep innovating and investing to keep our customers ahead in their markets.

Contact the team to learn more about our Aliphatic polyurethane base foams and products.

Innovation to Manufacturing

Sentient Foams World class development and Clean room production facility is equipped to innovate, develop, scale up and manufacture foam products to meet the most demanding customer applications. We are able to supply material in roll and sheet form or fully converted and packaged products for use in Medical, Personal care and wearable devices.

Sentient Foams has excellent performance in a number of areas including superb fluid absorbency, capacity, breathability and softness. Our Patented ability to shape roll stock foam on-line and laminate in a wide range of flexible materials in-line gives us an ability to create uniquely high performing products cost effectively.

Our foam chemistry and innovative manufacturing process makes lamination of additional layers so they become an integral part of the final product. All this can be achieved during the manufacturing process, eliminating expensive downstream lamination.

With the ability to incorporate a wide range of substrates into the construction during manufacture, the cost benefits can be significant.