High performance hydrophilic foams from Sentient

Sentient Foams is a leadingdeveloper and manufacturer of Aliphatic hydrophilic foams. Part of a group of companies specializing in medical products and absorbent materials, we partner leading companies to innovate, develop and produce superior products for the market.

Wound care

Sentient™  is a revolutionary new Aliphatic polyurethane foam. Its innovative and high performing new design offers reduced costs, superior absorption, excellent fluid retention, shape-ability, extended wear time and is non-yellowing when sterilised. Sentient offers superior characteristics and benefits to anything previously available on the market.

Sentient Foams will partner with global leaders in Wound Care components, to develop and market our products into the Wound Care industry.

Personal care

The high absorbency, softness and endless design possibilities make Sentient Foam perfect for a wide range of hygiene, skin contact and protection applications.

Working closely with our development team we have expertise in developing innovative, class leading products for feminine hygiene, nappies, breast pads and beauty blenders.

Wearable Devices

Aqueous Polyurethane Foams made by mechanical frothing create a thermo-formable, microporous cell structure which enable fast fluid transport. The thermoplastic character of these foams allow our customers to create shapeable foams and sealed patches required for wearable devices and sensor embedding.